Fitness area

The Arrouach campsite in Lourdes offers you its fitness area. The campsite has a gym and a relaxation area with an infra-red sauna. The relaxation area allows you to rest after a sports session or to warm up in a sauna cabin on rainy days.

The gym

The gym is equipped with a weight bench, treadmill, spinning bike and elliptical trainer. Admission is free and reserved for campsite guests. The gym is open every day according to reception office opening times.
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Infrared heat is said to cause you to sweat 3 to 6 times more than in a traditional sauna. Thanks to this high level of perspiration, the skin can breathe more easily and blood circulation is improved. Tense muscles, freed of toxins, become more supple. A session in an infrared cabin after exercise prevents muscle soreness. The ambient temperature, around 40°C, puts less strain on the heart and is more bearable for people sensitive to very hot weather. Information on all the benefits of the infra-red sauna is available from the campsite reception. 30-minute sauna session – €5 (max. 2 people). The sauna is open every day by appointment.
Thermo spas

Water from Pyrenean springs, therapeutic benefits.

Cycling tours

Voie Verte des Gaves.

Hiking trails

Pyrenees National Park.