Our history

Where does the name Arrouach come from? The Domaine de Vizens is a very old estate in the commune of Lourdes. It belonged to the family of Jean Dembarrère (General in the Napoleonic army), who set up a school to train horses for the army. The estate comprised six tenant farms: Pédoupas, Lalanne, Visens, Pouchou, Biscaye and Arrouach. Each had a traditional Bigourdan house, a courtyard, a barn, a garden and land. In 1922, the Arrouach estate was bought by Pierre Lacaze (Fabien's great-grandfather), a farmer who cultivated the land. Later, in the 1960s, his son Jean-Marie Lacaze saw the arrival of the Sauvage campsite and had the great idea of creating the Arrouach campsite with the help of his wife Romélie and daughter Christiane (manager from 1986 to 2013). Anya and Fabien moved to Lourdes in 2013 to breathe new life into this family estate. In 10 years, the campsite has been awarded two new stars, as well as labels recognised in the world of tourism such as Qualité Tourisme and La Clef Verte.